20 November 2022

Superrich Bloomberg apologises for Boris Johnson calling China autocratic

It shows that when money talks principles can quickly be thrown overboard. So only allowing citizens the ultimate say will safeguard them.

Michael Bloomberg apologises for Boris Johnson speech criticising China

19 May 2022

 "The government seems to have only two guiding principles: setting political traps for its opponents, and extending the power of the executive." (Camilla Cavendish, FT 19 May 2022)

A strong dose of mandatory Direct Democracy would avoid a lot of this behavior!

18 May 2022

 Politicians are focused in scoring points and deflecting blame ahead of the next election

11 May 2022

Pointless Laws - only Direct Democracy can reduce this Avalanche

 "Politics has become a dismal race to pass as many pointless laws as possible" (Philip Johnston, Daily Telegraph)

Given the avalanche of laws and regulations produced in the UK but also in all other countries, and including the EU, there is a need to introduce Direct Democracy as a safety valve and filter.

5 January 2022

Who makes our Laws and Regulations?

Direct Democracy would require that all new legislation and regulation is subject to detailed scrutiny and ultimately would have to be subjected to a referendum if there is not enough transparency or agreement on the issue.

All New Cars Sold in EU to Be Fitted With Data Recording ‘Black Box’