3 December 2011

Democratic vacuum in EU

Possible changes to the fiscal regime in Euro zone countries mean that one of the most important democratic rights - the decision over taxes and government spending - would be taken from national electorates and vested in a supranational bureaucracy only vaguely accountable to the citizens. Even worse - some even go so far as to give the EU Courts the final say. This would mean that technocrats that owe their primary allegiance to murky backroom deals between political parties in their home country would be able to issue diktats to the citizens of states that do no toe the line. Initial calls for a referendum to sanction the transfer of power to the EU and its acolytes are - not surprisingly - already being stonewalled by the political establishment. This demonstrates the urgent need to take the decision about whether or not to hold a referendum on any legislation out of the hand of the political machines running our lives at present.