8 April 2019

How can we protest at the BBC's Remain Bias?

Piecemeal protests - and demonstrations on the streets - are not effective and to a large extent a waste of time. Only proper Direct Democracy is helping to allow citizens to voice their approval or disapproval in an efficient manner. If there would be a referendum about whether or not to maintain the BBC in its current form that would settle the argument in a proper fashion.
Daily Telegraph

3 April 2019

How to prevent Politicians to cash in on their name recognition

Examples such as Tony Blair or Nick Clegg illustrate the problem that well-known Politicians are reaping extraordinary rewards from positions they are offered after they leave office(or pushed out by the electorate). The solution must be that all Politicians should have a career outside Politics and only serve a limited time in office. In Ancient Rome the Consuls were elected for one year only and there was no renewal. In our time the details of government should be handled by experienced Civil Service. There is no need for a constant rotation of Ministers, Education one Day, Health the next Day etc. Governments are involved in way too many details of citizen's lives, less areas of responsibility should mean that the role of elected officials can well be handled on a part-time basis.
Cash haul by former Coalition ministers