30 August 2013

Parliament reclaims Power?

Just because the UK Parliament has decided not to agree to the proposed action against Syria that was advocated by the Prime Minister one should not rejoice and think that 'Presidential' government has been rejected. This was more a one-off and other countries such as France - where President Hollande has resorted to sabre-rattling to divert from a desastrous economy - show that the power of parliaments is limited to say the least. No wonder as most countries have no proper separation of powers, and even where this separation is more pronounced - such as in the United States - not much good comes of it and the citizens - who should really have the final say in all decisions - are helpless bystanders.

20 August 2013

Rich let the 'Civil Society' pick up the tab

Nothing is more infuriating than reading another homily from an extremely well (overpaid?) executive who sails effortlessly from job to job, starting in public 'service' and then moving into the private sector. So Peter Sutherland's sermon about the need for 'Civil Society' (he does not say you and me as ordinary taxpayer) to pick up the tab for any and all migrants misses out one big point: who has ever asked the citizens of the recipient/paying countries about their willingness to finance his largess? So far as I know only Switzerland has ever held a referendum that specifically addresses the question of immigration.

UK Newspaper caves in to 'Security' Bully Boys

Incredible but true - that some (anonymous) bully boys from the 'Security' services can just demand the 'pulverisation' of a computer belonging to a national newspaper in one of the oldest (pseudo) democracies is ample demonstration that a radical reform of democracy is required.