27 September 2017

Catalonia, Kurdistan - Democracy under siege

Establishment in furious attack on Direct Democracy! This must not be allowed to go on for much longer!

Rajoy, Trump gang up on Catalonia

20 September 2017

Unaccountable Plutocrats hijack Democracy

Not sure why billionaires want to congregate and 'discuss' the problems that they - the Establishment - have created in the first place. Direct Democracy would go a long way to limit their influence. Media that is controlled by a few rich individuals should be brought under stringent anti-trust control.
As the Clintons Step Back From Global Stage, Bloomberg Steps Up

17 September 2017

Constitution in time of Plutocrats and Celebrity Politics

Direct Democracy would help to alleviate the worst problems associated with growing Inequality and the Celebrity culture (promoted by the very few plutocrats who control our media). More rigorous control of terms, dispersing power away from single individuals (see Ancient Rome with two Consuls, or Switzerland with a collegium of ministers instead of a President) would be additional safeguards.
New York Times: Our Constitution wasn't built for this