29 April 2017

Trump has already signed 78 "Executive Actions"

The Executive arm of most Democracies has too much power to make important decisions without proper supervision by the Legislative arm. And the Citizens, the real sovereign in a Democracy, has even less of a role except to wait for the next box-ticking exercise in a general election.
Trump has already signed 78 executive actions — here's what each one does

28 April 2017

Electoral Pacts - should they be allowed?

At a time when even tiny amounts of overspending in election campaigns seems to be a 'hanging crime' it is amazing that there are no rules that limit (ab)use of electoral pacts. If anything they are a device that can twarth the will of the people much more effectively.
SNP MPs ask Greens not to stand in Tory target seats and sign pro-Brexit fishing pledge

25 April 2017

Why Macron is a risky bet for France and for Europe

The really scary thing is not whether or not he will be a good President. The Risk is that if he fails the citizens have another long time to endure until the Fake Election that will be held only in 2022! Terms are much too long in all 'Democracies', and in any case having Direct Democracy would allow the Electorate to amend/bloc or initiate legislation at any moment during the term in office.
Why Macron is a risky bet for France and for Europe | Credit Writedowns Pro

17 April 2017

Turkish referendum: Fake Election    

Who authorised last-minute changes to voting rules? It cannot have happened in a transparent and democratic fashion. What will be the response of Erdogan's fellow fake politicians in other pseudo democracies? Will there be any sanctions that really hurts and is not just symbolic? Sanctions seem to be in fashion these day, much beloved by the Politocracy!
Turkish referendum: opposition calls for results to be cancelled over allegations of voting fraud    

Turkey Referendum - Fake Democracy wins (again)

Another narrow result demonstrates the worst aspect of Fake Democracy. That important decisions such as constitutional 'reform' (if you can call it that) can be decided with a margin of less than 2% (measured by the percentage that has to flip to the other side)means that there is insufficient backing. The same could have been said about the British Brexit referendum last year - but with the proviso that all the decisions related to the EU had not been made under rules that would have required a qualified majority (two thirds or maybe even 75%).
Erdogan Wins Constitutional “Reforms”, Allowed to Rule Until 2029: Opposition Challenges Vote | MishTalk

15 April 2017

Top Philanthropists Wield Power Through Their Donations

While the abuse of tax subsidies for "charitable" donations is most extreme in the USA this pernicious favoring of the wealthy is slowly finding its way into other 'Pseudo' Democracies. Let the 0.1% be charitable, by all means, but do not give them favorable tax treatment in return. And posing as benefactors also gives them special access to politicians and allows them undue influence on political decisions.
Wealth Matters: How Top Philanthropists Wield Power Through Their Donations