30 July 2017

How 'Leaders' should NOT be anointed!

Passing the baton to the next politician - or the brother, even worse - should not happen in a proper democracy. Only elaborate and clearly defined routines - see Papacy, Venice or Ancient Rome for examples - should be in place to avoid any undue accumulation of power. Putin, Erdogan, the Bush or Trudeau familes would hate it, good so!

25 July 2017

Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Venezuela - 'Strong Men' need control

These countries have one thing in common: A Strong Man wants to impose his will against the wishes of a major part of the citizens. Of course there can be no mob rule either and decisions need to be made. But important decisions need to be supported by a significant majority and there needs to be a way to discuss policies so that no minority gets oppressed. Direct Democracy and clear separation of powers allow that the worst mistakes are prevented.
Poland's president defies government as he vetoes controversial judiciary reforms

23 July 2017

We are ruled by Idiots - another Iran Sanctions Bill


Gary Lineker's pay

One should rather say that the BBC negotiators are too soft, not to say stupid. BBC clearly is a state enterprise, the 'independent' status is a sham. So central government is in charge and should set pay policy. Same can be said for 'independent' Universities.
Also poor personnel policies: to see what the right price for Lineker is one should open the books for applications, at £200000 for starters. Interview candidates, including Lineker is he wants to apply for his job. Possibly hold beauty contest on TV and let viewers select the winning applicant - do this every 2 years to keep fresh faces on TV.
Gary Lineker's agent says BBC pay gap may be caused by women using female agents who are 'not as tough'

Anthony Scaramucci apologises to Donald Trump over tweets praising Hillary Clinton and urging tighter gun laws

How can you trust ANY politician? they sell their vote to the highest bidder

Anthony Scaramucci apologises to Donald Trump over tweets praising Hillary Clinton and urging tighter gun laws

Russia Sanctions - suddenly they can agree on something

Amazing how 'representatives' (not of the people but special interests and sinister lobbies) can agree on something. Even if they have no mandate to do so and fight like cats and dogs over anything that really matters to citizens.

And the last time (Cuba 1962) Russia blinked, even though it was in its rights to set up rocket bases in Cuba (The USA had an arsenal in Turky much earlier). So who guarantees that Russia will blink again? Or will someone dare to pull the nuclear trigger if they 'rescue' Russians in any of the Baltic States?

War is usually the result of actions by unaccountable politicians.
Congress reaches bipartisan agreement on sweeping Russia sanctions that aim to tie Trump's hands

20 July 2017

Eurozone - not much of a Democracy

If one man - and the minions in the ECB's upper echelons - can deprive hundreds of millions of savers of their well-earned returns it shows that the Eurozone - and most of the EU - is ruled by a technocratic caste. That the banking system requires such an overdose of monetary manipulation only is due to the refusal of vested interests to put banks on a viable footing once and for all. The blueprint for this exists and is disregarded by the so-called regulators (they called them Kommissars in the Soviet Union).

Live: Investors to stay locked onto European Central Bank as Draghi speaks

7 July 2017

Secession - when and how?

As the issue of Catalonian secession comes to the fore once again, and with America’s celebration of its independence immediately behind us, it is worth pondering when secession makes sense as a political principle...read more

Want to Secede? First, Take This Test - Bloomberg