30 January 2017

Petition - second best

'Should Donald Trump be prevented from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom?' This is a Petition on the UK Government Website and it has attracted more than a million supporters.
But the word petition already leaves a sour taste in the mouth. It tastes too much like asking someone superior and powerful to grant a favor. Much better to give it the legal form of a binding referendum, that way no energy is wasted in signing up and disappointment is prevented. The last thing the reigning Politocracy wants is to be told what to do by the citizens.

3 January 2017

Unaccountable Politicians are after our Cash!

Governments in many countries plan to ban cash holdings/transactions in order to herd us into digital banking that will allow them to track all financial transactions and suck every possible penny of taxes to finance their spending schemes. What just happened in India or the EU is just the indication of things to come and could never have happened with proper democratic safeguards, i.e. the full and explicit agreement of the citizens in a referendum that was required to give a qualified majority.