29 November 2017

Take spending power away from Politicians

"It's becoming more and more clear to that disapproving public that members of Congress from both parties see holding office as a means to control the power of the purse to reward friends and attack enemies. Cutting spending means cutting what they see as their rightful power. So they'll never really do it. Our money and wealth is theirs to use as they please, even against us. This is one very ugly definition of tyranny"

Only a hefty dose of Direct Democracy can insure that taxpayers are not fleeced!

On tax reform, Democrats have already won the battle—Commentary

16 November 2017

$450 Mio Leonardo Painting - who pays any tax?

Let people believe what they want, I would always be very suspicious of paintings that do not have an iron-clad 'provenence'. But given the (rising) outrage over inequality one wonders what the tax implications of such a wondrous rise in value are. Surely the painting has been 'domiciled' in some tax haven, but in a better regulated world the seller would be charged capital gains tax. So why are our (idiot) politicians not able to close the loopholes and allow the footloose rich to run rings around our tax laws?

2 November 2017

Witch Hunts fashionable again

On a day when Facebook celebrates another bumper profit and Twitter is still on the rampage one has to ask why the modern form of witch hunt can gather more and more support, aided by a gullible media desperate for headlines.
Unsubstantiated accusations - and to top it off based on trivial incidents that would not raise an eyebrow from any sane person - get accepted at facevalue. Accused are denied any legal recourse or protection by the (fake) privacy laws that are disregarded when it suits the Political Establishment.

Fascism alive in Spain, EU

Blatant disregard of democratic decision has form in the EU. Catalonia, Brexit demonstrate how 'Elites' in Nation States try to cling on to their powerbase.

1 November 2017

Facebook to double (Political?) 'Safety and Security Staff'

And there are already 10,000 staff toiling in this department - fine line divides it from (private) censorship. The future does look Orwellian! And who controls Facebook? It is an oligopoly! Who controls what you are 'fed' (yes, we are basically like animals for the 'Masters of the Universe' controlling the Web).

22 October 2017

Tax Havens: Drain the Swamp!

Given that politicians try to suck the last bit of blood out of taxpayer's working income it is repellent that the rich who can afford to relocate to tax havens get treated so leniently. It is high time that all payments to tax havens are charged a substantial (30%?) withholding tax that these tax tourists can then apply against any tax charge in their domicile.
Sunday Times (Paywall)

21 October 2017

Private Schools: When to take Charity Status away

A few days ago a headmaster at a leading UK Private School said that he could fill all places with overseas students if he would wish to do so.
That he is not doing it may seem to be altruistic, but I guess the public backlash would be just to violent to contemplate.
But it is still remarkable how large the foreign contingent has become during the recent few years. Maybe this is due to excessive greed shown by headmasters and their 'trustees' (usually harmless bigwigs that eat from the headmasters's hand).
Is this not pure commercialism and would it not be appropriate to treat these 'Private' Schools as businesses for tax purposes?
The fees that are being charged are being pushed to astronomical levels due to the demand pressure from foreign student applications. How can one justify 15 or 20000 pounds per annum for non-boarders? Assuming class sizes of 20 and one teacher per class (pro rata), add minimal admin staff (no headmasters sitting idly in the office, pontificating, not doing any teaching at all), some costs for property (who needs five-star luxury, labs where students play around without learning a craft in the end) and one arrives at 100-120000 pounds per class, that results in about 5-6000 pounds per place.
Question: where do the remaining 10000+ pounds go to? Excessive teacher salaries? Unnecessary facilities, dubious purchasing policies?
No one knows, or has any ordinary parent ever had access to full and audited accounts of a Private School?
Evening Standard

18 October 2017

Charity Donation: the ultimate tax loophole

No wonder that inequality is rising - the rich, and even more so the super rich, can in effect 'privatise' their tax dollars by squirrelling their fortunes into 'foundations' and 'trusts' that prevent proper inheritance taxes to be applied. Can Soros' institute really be called a charity? Who decides what the money is spent on? Who manages the foundation/charity? Why can ordinary workers not apply the same to their pay-cheques? Maybe a foundation to care for the elderly (their ailing parents) or their pets? And then call themselves 'philantropists' as well?

17 October 2017

Everyday Fascism - in France

So our rulers have decreed to chop another bit of freedom away from us. Who has ever really been damaged by catcalls? If there is no damage (except imagined by some extreme 'feminists') there should be no law against it. And the process of how these 'laws' are decreed is deeply undemocratic, no vote, no qualified majority. Hitler/Stalin and Mao could live with this, so what is the problem? Ugly women feel discriminated against?

16 October 2017

Global Citizen: clever labelling, but what say do 'Citizens' have?

What should one read into the name of this organization? Do the 'Citizens' have any say? Who controls the money? What benefit do the performers enjoy? They may work for free or not, but in any case they should PAY for the privilege of being associated with what they consider a good cause (otherwise they have at the very least the benefit of free advertising). Apart from that, the easy access that promoters or NGO's and Celebrities get to politicians is cause for concern and another reason why Direct Democracy needs to be introduced as a safeguard to any potential abuses of power.


9 October 2017

Everyday Fascism

So this is the land of the Free?

Is Donald Trump a 'Moron'?

As there probably was not hidden camera to tell us whether or not Rex Tillerson said that Trump is a moron we will never know the truth. But is the behaviour worth of a President of the USA?

27 September 2017

Catalonia, Kurdistan - Democracy under siege

Establishment in furious attack on Direct Democracy! This must not be allowed to go on for much longer!

Rajoy, Trump gang up on Catalonia

20 September 2017

Unaccountable Plutocrats hijack Democracy

Not sure why billionaires want to congregate and 'discuss' the problems that they - the Establishment - have created in the first place. Direct Democracy would go a long way to limit their influence. Media that is controlled by a few rich individuals should be brought under stringent anti-trust control.
As the Clintons Step Back From Global Stage, Bloomberg Steps Up

17 September 2017

Constitution in time of Plutocrats and Celebrity Politics

Direct Democracy would help to alleviate the worst problems associated with growing Inequality and the Celebrity culture (promoted by the very few plutocrats who control our media). More rigorous control of terms, dispersing power away from single individuals (see Ancient Rome with two Consuls, or Switzerland with a collegium of ministers instead of a President) would be additional safeguards.
New York Times: Our Constitution wasn't built for this

27 August 2017

Macron Spent $30,000 On Makeup In Three Months

Marie Antoinette would be so proud of him! Why do our Pseudo-Democracies give so much power to single politicians, be they called Merkel, Macron, May or Trump? The Ancient Romans or the Venetian Republic had more sense, as has present-day Switzerland

Macron Spent $30,000 On Makeup In Three Months

23 August 2017

Dirdem will also defend Consumers

The pathetic message below has recently been displayed on the Yahoo website. There is a massive lack of protection for the Consumer interests. Establishment politics does not enact proper privacy laws and there is no way that consumers as a group can influence such terms and conditions. Dirdem will campaign on both levels to change this.

Yahoo is now part of ‘Oath’ and a member of the Verizon family of companies. As of 15 September 2017, we plan to share some user information within our new family

21 August 2017

Re-invigorate and strengthen Democracy

All we need it give Direct Democracy a chance! Trust people not politicians that are on ego trips!

Ray Dalio, the founder of the world's largest hedge fund, is worried that democracy is being threatened

Thousands Sign Petition to Replace Confederate Monument with Statue of Rapper Missy Elliott

Unfettered Direct Democracy leads to absurd results. That's why any referendum has to be subject to strict rules of conduct, meaningful quorum, approptiate time for debate.

Thousands Sign Petition to Replace Confederate Monument with Statue of Rapper Missy Elliott

20 August 2017

Direct Democray will hold Lobbies at bay

Plutocrats control the Government in the United States, separation of powers goes not far enough, the history since independence is scandal-ridden despite the near-religious status of the Constitution. Direct Democracy on all levels, esp the top, will improve matters.

1 August 2017

Sham 'Consultations' no substitute for Democracy

Governments love to prove their democratic credentials by holding 'consultations' on any legislative project. But usually the general public - apart from the off activists or self-interested lobbies - is blissfully ignorant of these exercises. And no one is any the wiser or aware what impact his or her input really had.
Just take a look at this EU-inspired consultation and try to monitor what effect - if any - it had.

30 July 2017

How 'Leaders' should NOT be anointed!

Passing the baton to the next politician - or the brother, even worse - should not happen in a proper democracy. Only elaborate and clearly defined routines - see Papacy, Venice or Ancient Rome for examples - should be in place to avoid any undue accumulation of power. Putin, Erdogan, the Bush or Trudeau familes would hate it, good so!

25 July 2017

Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Venezuela - 'Strong Men' need control

These countries have one thing in common: A Strong Man wants to impose his will against the wishes of a major part of the citizens. Of course there can be no mob rule either and decisions need to be made. But important decisions need to be supported by a significant majority and there needs to be a way to discuss policies so that no minority gets oppressed. Direct Democracy and clear separation of powers allow that the worst mistakes are prevented.
Poland's president defies government as he vetoes controversial judiciary reforms

23 July 2017

We are ruled by Idiots - another Iran Sanctions Bill


Gary Lineker's pay

One should rather say that the BBC negotiators are too soft, not to say stupid. BBC clearly is a state enterprise, the 'independent' status is a sham. So central government is in charge and should set pay policy. Same can be said for 'independent' Universities.
Also poor personnel policies: to see what the right price for Lineker is one should open the books for applications, at £200000 for starters. Interview candidates, including Lineker is he wants to apply for his job. Possibly hold beauty contest on TV and let viewers select the winning applicant - do this every 2 years to keep fresh faces on TV.
Gary Lineker's agent says BBC pay gap may be caused by women using female agents who are 'not as tough'

Anthony Scaramucci apologises to Donald Trump over tweets praising Hillary Clinton and urging tighter gun laws

How can you trust ANY politician? they sell their vote to the highest bidder

Anthony Scaramucci apologises to Donald Trump over tweets praising Hillary Clinton and urging tighter gun laws

Russia Sanctions - suddenly they can agree on something

Amazing how 'representatives' (not of the people but special interests and sinister lobbies) can agree on something. Even if they have no mandate to do so and fight like cats and dogs over anything that really matters to citizens.

And the last time (Cuba 1962) Russia blinked, even though it was in its rights to set up rocket bases in Cuba (The USA had an arsenal in Turky much earlier). So who guarantees that Russia will blink again? Or will someone dare to pull the nuclear trigger if they 'rescue' Russians in any of the Baltic States?

War is usually the result of actions by unaccountable politicians.
Congress reaches bipartisan agreement on sweeping Russia sanctions that aim to tie Trump's hands

20 July 2017

Eurozone - not much of a Democracy

If one man - and the minions in the ECB's upper echelons - can deprive hundreds of millions of savers of their well-earned returns it shows that the Eurozone - and most of the EU - is ruled by a technocratic caste. That the banking system requires such an overdose of monetary manipulation only is due to the refusal of vested interests to put banks on a viable footing once and for all. The blueprint for this exists and is disregarded by the so-called regulators (they called them Kommissars in the Soviet Union).

Live: Investors to stay locked onto European Central Bank as Draghi speaks

7 July 2017

Secession - when and how?

As the issue of Catalonian secession comes to the fore once again, and with America’s celebration of its independence immediately behind us, it is worth pondering when secession makes sense as a political principle...read more

Want to Secede? First, Take This Test - Bloomberg

25 June 2017

Emmanuel Macron to address parliament at the Palace of Versailles

Not even in power more than two months....just demonstrates why a proper democracy should not give too much power to individuals!
Emmanuel Macron channels Louis XIV as he plans to address parliament at the Palace of Versailles

24 June 2017

Brexit Lies - Made in Germany

When Schaeuble claims that British voters were lied to about Brexit one can only say: He and his cronies in the EU - and the Eurocracy in particular - to their utmost to torpedo a smooth Exit from the EU. Unfortunately the Political Class in the UK lacks a decisive politician, a la Churchill or De Gaulle, and allow Barnier & Co to play their silly games. Should have just quit in June 2016 and start negotiations with a clean sheet of paper. No agreement on air transport? Well after a few days, maybe weeks of turmoil that would have been sorted out. Does ANYONE really think that no agreement would have been thrashed out? Better to handle one problem at a time - one just has to copy agreements that have been made between EU and any number of other states that have transport links!
Who lies- Schaeuble or Brexit supporters?

20 June 2017

Why are Politicians despised?

Some would even say hated. Given the endless reports of diminishing trust in policitians one might well think that there is something wrong with society. Maybe it lacks moral standards and this causes people to have less and less respect for their 'leaders'. But considering David Miliband's salary of US$ 600,000 as CEO or the International Rescue Committee (Charity!) there is no doubt where the blame lies! Given that every penny he gets too much is coming (literally) out of the pocket of the poor he is supposed to help this is a demonstration that there is an enormous swamp that waits to be drained - and only Direct Democracy has any chance to ever get on top of these abuses. Equally depressing is the part played by mainstream (corporate) Media - just now Miliband was pontificating on CNBC, and the fawning reporter there did not raise the question of his pay at all!

Why are Politicians despised?

Some would even say hated. Given the endless reports of diminishing trust in policitians one might well think that there is something wrong with society. Maybe it lacks moral standards and this causes people to have less and less respect for their 'leaders'. But considering David Miliband's salary of US$ 600,000 as CEO or the International Rescue Committee (Charity!) there is no doubt where the blame lies! Given that every penny he gets too much is coming (literally) out of the pocket of the poor he is supposed to help this is a demonstration that there is an enormous swamp that waits to be drained - and only Direct Democracy has any chance to ever get on top of these abuses.

19 June 2017

With parliament in the bag, France's Macron faces union test

The absurdity of electoral rules is demonstrated again - most of them are discriminatory, favor Establisment parties. So keep them by all means but add Direct Democracy as an additional layer of policy finding.
With parliament in the bag, France's Macron faces union test

13 June 2017

Gallup Finds Stunning Decline In Americans' Respect For US Government

Respect for Government? Not unless there is Direct Democracy!
Gallup Finds Stunning Decline In Americans' Respect For US Government

Bernie Sanders trolls Republicans for secrecy on healthcare bill

Direct Democracy would require that all new legislation is discussed in public - because of facultative or mandatory referendum that would hang over all policy debates.
Bernie Sanders trolls Republicans for secrecy on healthcare bill by tweeting blank piece of paper

Macron's Mandate for Change

Another Black Eye in the face of proper Democracy. A minority supports another candidate parachuted in by the Establishment. How can Macron be seen as an 'independent' politician when he recently served in the Socialist Government?
Macron's Mandate for Change

Anti-Establishment Politics Is Far From Going Away

Agreed, the only way to end it is the introduction of Direct Democracy!
Anti-Establishment Politics Is Far From Going Away

12 June 2017

France: another Fake Democracy

The winner of this pathetic political contest has just over 32% of the votes! This is another case where a minority rules over voiceless citizens - and if the French resort to violent protests as a consequence the Establishment has only to blame itself!
Macron's party set for huge French parliamentary majority

9 June 2017

Questioning Government not enough

While questioning Government may be a useful attitude it is not enough - it might just be a moaning without any real impact. Much better to have a system of Direct Democracy that gives citizens a direct say in all political decisions.
Questioning Government Is What Makes You An American

Support Campaign for Direct Democracy!


4 June 2017

Why is Britain so disenchanted with its politicians?

Silly question! And why the emphasis on the UK? The same could be said of all other Pseudo Democracies. Only Direct Democracy will re-establish a semblence of respect for the political class.
Why is Britain so disenchanted with its politicians?

2 June 2017

Trump says U.S. to withdraw from Paris climate accord

Angry at Trump? there are many reasons - and if he lasts the course it would be a big surprise. But the problem with these 'Accords' is that they are reached in a very undemocratic fashion. No one voted for them, so it should be no surprise that they are abrogated without any input from citizens. The same can be said for Brexit - maybe there the Leavers won by too thin a margin to give it legitimacy, but on the other hand no one could vote in favor of 'ever-closer-union'.
Solution: give citizens say over all decisions.
Trump says U.S. to withdraw from Paris climate accord

1 June 2017

Bilderberg - is it a conspiracy?

No problem with the type of club people want to join. But the REAL problem with Bilderberg is that most members are not there thanks to their personal quality - they are there because of the jobs they are entrusted with, be it in politics or business. As such they are answerable to their constituents or shareholders. Holding secret meetings are in direct contrast to they requirement to be fully transparent to them. Therefore participation should be prohibited.

The Bilderberg 2017 Agenda: "The Trump Administration - A Progress Report"

11 May 2017

Term Limits and Recall

Term limits and option to recall politicians should be a permanent safety valve against inept or corrupt politicians. Ancient Rome limited the term for consuls to one year, and installed two for a year so that one did not get too powerful. No reason why this model should not work now, esp as too many 'leaders' become too powerful or arrogant!
KRUGMAN: 'We arguably do not have a legitimate president or administration'

10 May 2017

Nanny State Index - who voted for this?

The avalanche of legislation and administrative orders is never-ending. Hardly anyone among the citizens has a chance to understand or influence this, even the lawmakers in parliaments hardly have the time - or inclination - to keep up-to-date and read all these thousands of pages of legal text. Direct Democracy would go a long way towards putting a limit on this.

Nanny State Index

7 May 2017

Obama cashes in from Big Money

Politicians are the real "Deplorables" - too much focus on individuals (esp in this age of  media focus on "Celebrities") allows this sort of behaviour. Merkel, Hollande, Putin, Erdogan, Modi - short term limits and collegial government would prevent excessive power in their hands.
Obama may help Dems by hurting himself—Commentary

6 May 2017

Free Speech under threat: Branding God an 'utter maniac'

No fan of Fry, but this is a threat to free speech! Officials, Bureaucrats out of control! Direct Democracy needed to put a stop to this. Religion is a purely private matter.
Stephen Fry under police investigation for blasphemy after branding God an 'utter maniac'

Parliament - a waste of time?

Today's Parliaments churn out so many laws that hardly any representative has time to study the proposals properly - if he cares to do this at all. Requiring to subject all legislation to obligatory or optional referendums would mean that the citizens have a safety valve against this defect of 'representative Democracy'. A lenghty and public debate before a referendum date would also allow for a higher quality scrutiny of new laws.
A bunch of House Republicans admitted that they didn't read the GOP healthcare bill

5 May 2017

Greenpeace unfurls anti-Le Pen 'resist' banner on Eiffel Tower

Sad when a Lobby that pretended to focus on the Environment takes sides in this extreme fashion. On whose mandate? Were donors or members ever consulted? Direct Democracy will ensure that all these lobbies and interest groups introduce democratic and transparent structures. That includes associations like FIFA, UEFA, the Olympic Committee, Parent-Teacher Associations, University Trusts to name just a few.
Greenpeace unfurls anti-Le Pen 'resist' banner on Eiffel Tower

4 May 2017

Concentration of Wealth leads to Concentration of Power

"The rapid concentration of wealth has also concentrated political power in the hands of a few who seamlessly combine public and private modes of power"
The Elites Have Destroyed The Status Quo's Ability To Self-Correct | Zero Hedge

Election Promises: never believe them!

Pointless to believe in them, EVER, all politicians are likely to lie, esp. in the system of Pseudo Democracy we live in. Only Direct Democracy can prevent the (worst) abuses, with a bit of practice even most of them.
The Real Reasons Why Trump Has Flipped On His Campaign Promises

3 May 2017

How to overcome domination of Elites

The present state of Fake Democracy gives too much influence to vested interests, parties, lobbies. While Direct Democracy is no perfect solution it will allow citizens as a whole to control and influence political decisions much more decisively.

Populist Attacks on Elites Are a Dead End - Bloomberg View

Book: The Case against Democracy

Stimulating contribution to debate, but not very practical. But just introducing Direct Democracy would alleviate a lot of the problems in present-day politics. Thorough debate before any referendum or the threat of scrutiny in any referendum would lead to better thought-out policies.
Against Democracy, by Jason Brennan

2 May 2017

Former UK Finance Minister Osborne cashes in on political career

So much for conviction politics! A period in government just a step on the career ladder? High time that such politicians are given much less discretion to run our lives, give power to the people via Direct Democracy!

George Osborne paid over £1 million by companies he will now cover as Evening Standard editor

1 May 2017

TRUMP'S 1ST 100 DAYS: What happened to Separation of Powers?

Obviously, the separation is on paper only!
TRUMP'S 1ST 100 DAYS: How many laws he signed v. Obama, Bush, Clinton - Business Insider

No Alternative to India's Modi?

Democracy may have swept Modi to Power, but that is the Achilles heel of today's Fake (Pseudo) Democracies: Individuals in Office are difficult to check, Parliament, Lobbies and the Media may influence policies but it is a mishmash of conflicting and intransparent whisperings. Much simpler to give the citizens direct say over all policies.
Modi's Fatal Weakness - Bloomberg View

29 April 2017

Trump has already signed 78 "Executive Actions"

The Executive arm of most Democracies has too much power to make important decisions without proper supervision by the Legislative arm. And the Citizens, the real sovereign in a Democracy, has even less of a role except to wait for the next box-ticking exercise in a general election.
Trump has already signed 78 executive actions — here's what each one does

28 April 2017

Electoral Pacts - should they be allowed?

At a time when even tiny amounts of overspending in election campaigns seems to be a 'hanging crime' it is amazing that there are no rules that limit (ab)use of electoral pacts. If anything they are a device that can twarth the will of the people much more effectively.
SNP MPs ask Greens not to stand in Tory target seats and sign pro-Brexit fishing pledge

25 April 2017

Why Macron is a risky bet for France and for Europe

The really scary thing is not whether or not he will be a good President. The Risk is that if he fails the citizens have another long time to endure until the Fake Election that will be held only in 2022! Terms are much too long in all 'Democracies', and in any case having Direct Democracy would allow the Electorate to amend/bloc or initiate legislation at any moment during the term in office.
Why Macron is a risky bet for France and for Europe | Credit Writedowns Pro

17 April 2017

Turkish referendum: Fake Election    

Who authorised last-minute changes to voting rules? It cannot have happened in a transparent and democratic fashion. What will be the response of Erdogan's fellow fake politicians in other pseudo democracies? Will there be any sanctions that really hurts and is not just symbolic? Sanctions seem to be in fashion these day, much beloved by the Politocracy!
Turkish referendum: opposition calls for results to be cancelled over allegations of voting fraud    

Turkey Referendum - Fake Democracy wins (again)

Another narrow result demonstrates the worst aspect of Fake Democracy. That important decisions such as constitutional 'reform' (if you can call it that) can be decided with a margin of less than 2% (measured by the percentage that has to flip to the other side)means that there is insufficient backing. The same could have been said about the British Brexit referendum last year - but with the proviso that all the decisions related to the EU had not been made under rules that would have required a qualified majority (two thirds or maybe even 75%).
Erdogan Wins Constitutional “Reforms”, Allowed to Rule Until 2029: Opposition Challenges Vote | MishTalk

15 April 2017

Top Philanthropists Wield Power Through Their Donations

While the abuse of tax subsidies for "charitable" donations is most extreme in the USA this pernicious favoring of the wealthy is slowly finding its way into other 'Pseudo' Democracies. Let the 0.1% be charitable, by all means, but do not give them favorable tax treatment in return. And posing as benefactors also gives them special access to politicians and allows them undue influence on political decisions.
Wealth Matters: How Top Philanthropists Wield Power Through Their Donations

23 March 2017

Money has too much influence in Politics

The USA are an extreme illustration for the undue influence the Rich can have by deploying her money. The borderline between lobbying and bribery is a narrow one. Direct Democracy as a useful antidote - not 100 per cent perfect either but better than the present morass.

If It's Easy to Reach Lawmakers, They'll Ignore You

One more reason to support Direct Democracy!

If It's Easy to Reach Lawmakers, They'll Ignore You

France's Macron seen winning presidential vote: poll

Perversion of Democracy - completely unknown to nearly all voters is planted in an office where he cannot be removed for five long years! The Romans elected their Consuls for ONE year, - and made sure that there were always two in office in case one got too overbearing. Today communication is nearly instant and any politician should be able to make sure his agenda and ideas are implemented within one year. If he cannot do that he is not worth being in office or the ideas are simply not accepted by the citizens.
France's Macron seen winning presidential vote: poll

22 March 2017

Unelected, Unaccountable lobbies disguised as 'Think Tanks', 'Institutes'

A particularly virulent form of lobby gets disproportionate attention in the USA political scene. As the ordinary voter is basically disenfranchised and cut off from formulation of politics (forget the crude and blunt instruments that are supposed to be 'democratic' elections) the Politocracy and the hangers-on among the Media are free to cook up crazy and irresponsible policies such as the Iraq war, inciting 'rebellion' in Syria (thank you CIA, another wonderful mess).
The Kagans Are Back; Wars To Follow | Zero Hedge

Illusion of Wealth for All

Headines such as this one peddle false promises - just making one mental shift gets you nearer to becoming a billionaire? But the fact is they just play the rules of the capitalist system better than most. But only a tiny number of people can achieve extreme wealth, by definition. But people are giving the illusion that everyone can climb to the top of the greasy pole.

Supreme Court Appointments - USA

Does it make sense to give life-time appointments to Judges? To keep them independent it would be enough to appoint them for a 10 year term, not renewable so there is no posturing to get re-appointed.
The Real Reason to Watch the Gorsuch Hearings

21 March 2017

U.S. Bans Electronic Devices On Airlines From Muslim Countries

Particulary stupid policy - what if the 'bad people' (Trumpkin) just book a flight from Europe?
U.S. Bans Electronic Devices On Airlines From Muslim Countries

18 March 2017

Pick and Choose Democracy needs Direct Democracy

We live in a time where people want to have a chance to vote on issues they care about, not be in a straightjacket of party systems where promises that are made at election time are routinely broken.

15 March 2017

ELECTION SYSTEMS: Cutting the Gordian Knot

Another neat little discussion of different election systems. There is no best solution but a system of Direct Democracy gives voters to most comprehensive opportunity to express their preferences - on an issue-by-issue basis.
How we choose determines who we choose

Brexit, Scotex - unprincipled Pseudo-Democracy

Lack of clear constitutional principles plays a significant part in the confusion and frustration created by the discussion about Brexit and Scottish Independence. In a proper set-up there would be clear rules as to the circumstances of holding a referendum. There should be the requirement of a significant quorum as well as a clearly-defined process that requires a meaningful support for holding a vote on an issue. above all the holding of a referendum should not be in the gift of the sitting government - this would open the way for abusing any debate for demagoguery.
Queen to give Brexit Bill approval as Nicola Sturgeon 'fails to promise Scotland would remain in the EU after independence'

13 March 2017

Nicola Sturgeon calls for 2nd Scottish referendum

We are all for the use of referendums on all levels of government, but there have to be clear rules. Politicians should not be the ones to decide when a referendum is graciously 'conceded' to the citizens. That way is abuse and demagoguery.
Nicola Sturgeon calls for 2nd Scottish independence referendum

War on Cash must be halted, Freedom preserved

Crack-pot ideas propagated by Academics (in the pay of taxpayers and protected by 'tenure' that isolates them from the harsh reality of competitive business) and aped by politicians and media commentators need to be fought touth and nail. No new 'regulations' to make our lives 'easier', backdoor legislation without the express approval of a qualified (two thirds?) majority from the citizens should be a non-starter.
The War on Cash Finds Its General. His Name? Rogoff

12 March 2017

European Parliament Censors Its Own Free Speech

European Parliament Censors Its Own Free Speech | Zero Hedge
It has come to a sad state when our 'representatives' (who in reality are just party hacks that are surplus to requirements in their home countries) try to stiffle Free Speech.

Arbitrary Budget decisions have no place in a Democracy

Irrelevant comment, real problem is the arbitrary fashion traditional Politocracy sets tax rates, chops and changes at will. Less legislation is better, change should only happen when a clear majority is in favour.
The real reason the press are so annoyed about Hammond's self-employed National Insurance hike

30 January 2017

Petition - second best

'Should Donald Trump be prevented from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom?' This is a Petition on the UK Government Website and it has attracted more than a million supporters.
But the word petition already leaves a sour taste in the mouth. It tastes too much like asking someone superior and powerful to grant a favor. Much better to give it the legal form of a binding referendum, that way no energy is wasted in signing up and disappointment is prevented. The last thing the reigning Politocracy wants is to be told what to do by the citizens.

3 January 2017

Unaccountable Politicians are after our Cash!

Governments in many countries plan to ban cash holdings/transactions in order to herd us into digital banking that will allow them to track all financial transactions and suck every possible penny of taxes to finance their spending schemes. What just happened in India or the EU is just the indication of things to come and could never have happened with proper democratic safeguards, i.e. the full and explicit agreement of the citizens in a referendum that was required to give a qualified majority.