2 July 2016

Brexit Fallout: Socialist but not so democratic in Germany

In an outburst that borders on what you would normally only expect from an imbecile - and not the leader of a major political party - Sigmar Gabriel 'demanded'  that young Brits should be offered German citizenship. No clearer statement could be made to demonstrate that the pampered party hacks in many western (pseudo) democracies have very little time for democratic conventions. Apart from the absurdity of this 'demand' one has to wonder if young Swiss are also offered this (dubious) 'opportunity'.

1 July 2016

The collapse of Western Democracy

Democracy no longer exists in the West says Paul Craig Roberts. Maybe an extreme view - esp compared to those states that can really be said to be run in an autocratic fashion. But how much say do the citizens of States in the West really have?