5 June 2014

Only Direct Democracy can reduce fraud and waste

A mandatory or facultative referendum on individual spending decisions would allow the majority to neutralise vociferous lobbies and special interests. Politicians would no longer be able - or have an incentive - to cater to every minority and special interest group that is trying the feather its nest at the expense of the broader public.

4 June 2014

Sincere but not benign - influence of Money and Individuals

Neither rich individuals nor strong personalities should have too much influence in a properly functioning democracy. The key benefit of Direct Democracy is that power is diffuse and decisions are only made after a thorough debate. Of course, the Rich and influential individuals will make a major contribution but their actions are subject to much better scrutiny than now.

3 June 2014

Citizens dismissed by haughty officials

Every now and then an incident where the voices of ordinary people are by officialdom catches my eye. And let us not forget, given the difficulty and costs connected with organizing resistance to the edicts and regulations issued by the different levels of government, from the EU down to the village/city/ward, only a very small number of worthwhile causes ever make it to receive proper backing by the citizens that are affected. Introduction of mandatory Direct Democracy on all levels of Government would put power back where it belongs - to the citizens!
Rayleigh Action Group