11 May 2017

Term Limits and Recall

Term limits and option to recall politicians should be a permanent safety valve against inept or corrupt politicians. Ancient Rome limited the term for consuls to one year, and installed two for a year so that one did not get too powerful. No reason why this model should not work now, esp as too many 'leaders' become too powerful or arrogant!
KRUGMAN: 'We arguably do not have a legitimate president or administration'

10 May 2017

Nanny State Index - who voted for this?

The avalanche of legislation and administrative orders is never-ending. Hardly anyone among the citizens has a chance to understand or influence this, even the lawmakers in parliaments hardly have the time - or inclination - to keep up-to-date and read all these thousands of pages of legal text. Direct Democracy would go a long way towards putting a limit on this.

Nanny State Index

7 May 2017

Obama cashes in from Big Money

Politicians are the real "Deplorables" - too much focus on individuals (esp in this age of  media focus on "Celebrities") allows this sort of behaviour. Merkel, Hollande, Putin, Erdogan, Modi - short term limits and collegial government would prevent excessive power in their hands.
Obama may help Dems by hurting himself—Commentary

6 May 2017

Free Speech under threat: Branding God an 'utter maniac'

No fan of Fry, but this is a threat to free speech! Officials, Bureaucrats out of control! Direct Democracy needed to put a stop to this. Religion is a purely private matter.
Stephen Fry under police investigation for blasphemy after branding God an 'utter maniac'

Parliament - a waste of time?

Today's Parliaments churn out so many laws that hardly any representative has time to study the proposals properly - if he cares to do this at all. Requiring to subject all legislation to obligatory or optional referendums would mean that the citizens have a safety valve against this defect of 'representative Democracy'. A lenghty and public debate before a referendum date would also allow for a higher quality scrutiny of new laws.
A bunch of House Republicans admitted that they didn't read the GOP healthcare bill

5 May 2017

Greenpeace unfurls anti-Le Pen 'resist' banner on Eiffel Tower

Sad when a Lobby that pretended to focus on the Environment takes sides in this extreme fashion. On whose mandate? Were donors or members ever consulted? Direct Democracy will ensure that all these lobbies and interest groups introduce democratic and transparent structures. That includes associations like FIFA, UEFA, the Olympic Committee, Parent-Teacher Associations, University Trusts to name just a few.
Greenpeace unfurls anti-Le Pen 'resist' banner on Eiffel Tower

4 May 2017

Concentration of Wealth leads to Concentration of Power

"The rapid concentration of wealth has also concentrated political power in the hands of a few who seamlessly combine public and private modes of power"
The Elites Have Destroyed The Status Quo's Ability To Self-Correct | Zero Hedge

Election Promises: never believe them!

Pointless to believe in them, EVER, all politicians are likely to lie, esp. in the system of Pseudo Democracy we live in. Only Direct Democracy can prevent the (worst) abuses, with a bit of practice even most of them.
The Real Reasons Why Trump Has Flipped On His Campaign Promises

3 May 2017

How to overcome domination of Elites

The present state of Fake Democracy gives too much influence to vested interests, parties, lobbies. While Direct Democracy is no perfect solution it will allow citizens as a whole to control and influence political decisions much more decisively.

Populist Attacks on Elites Are a Dead End - Bloomberg View

Book: The Case against Democracy

Stimulating contribution to debate, but not very practical. But just introducing Direct Democracy would alleviate a lot of the problems in present-day politics. Thorough debate before any referendum or the threat of scrutiny in any referendum would lead to better thought-out policies.
Against Democracy, by Jason Brennan

2 May 2017

Former UK Finance Minister Osborne cashes in on political career

So much for conviction politics! A period in government just a step on the career ladder? High time that such politicians are given much less discretion to run our lives, give power to the people via Direct Democracy!

George Osborne paid over £1 million by companies he will now cover as Evening Standard editor

1 May 2017

TRUMP'S 1ST 100 DAYS: What happened to Separation of Powers?

Obviously, the separation is on paper only!
TRUMP'S 1ST 100 DAYS: How many laws he signed v. Obama, Bush, Clinton - Business Insider

No Alternative to India's Modi?

Democracy may have swept Modi to Power, but that is the Achilles heel of today's Fake (Pseudo) Democracies: Individuals in Office are difficult to check, Parliament, Lobbies and the Media may influence policies but it is a mishmash of conflicting and intransparent whisperings. Much simpler to give the citizens direct say over all policies.
Modi's Fatal Weakness - Bloomberg View