29 November 2017

Take spending power away from Politicians

"It's becoming more and more clear to that disapproving public that members of Congress from both parties see holding office as a means to control the power of the purse to reward friends and attack enemies. Cutting spending means cutting what they see as their rightful power. So they'll never really do it. Our money and wealth is theirs to use as they please, even against us. This is one very ugly definition of tyranny"

Only a hefty dose of Direct Democracy can insure that taxpayers are not fleeced!

On tax reform, Democrats have already won the battle—Commentary

16 November 2017

$450 Mio Leonardo Painting - who pays any tax?

Let people believe what they want, I would always be very suspicious of paintings that do not have an iron-clad 'provenence'. But given the (rising) outrage over inequality one wonders what the tax implications of such a wondrous rise in value are. Surely the painting has been 'domiciled' in some tax haven, but in a better regulated world the seller would be charged capital gains tax. So why are our (idiot) politicians not able to close the loopholes and allow the footloose rich to run rings around our tax laws?

2 November 2017

Witch Hunts fashionable again

On a day when Facebook celebrates another bumper profit and Twitter is still on the rampage one has to ask why the modern form of witch hunt can gather more and more support, aided by a gullible media desperate for headlines.
Unsubstantiated accusations - and to top it off based on trivial incidents that would not raise an eyebrow from any sane person - get accepted at facevalue. Accused are denied any legal recourse or protection by the (fake) privacy laws that are disregarded when it suits the Political Establishment.

Fascism alive in Spain, EU

Blatant disregard of democratic decision has form in the EU. Catalonia, Brexit demonstrate how 'Elites' in Nation States try to cling on to their powerbase.

1 November 2017

Facebook to double (Political?) 'Safety and Security Staff'

And there are already 10,000 staff toiling in this department - fine line divides it from (private) censorship. The future does look Orwellian! And who controls Facebook? It is an oligopoly! Who controls what you are 'fed' (yes, we are basically like animals for the 'Masters of the Universe' controlling the Web).