19 December 2023

Blob stifles free Debate

"GB News has been found in breach of impartiality rules over a “Don’t Kill Cash” campaign, marking its fifth reprimand by Ofcom this year.
The regulator on Monday censured GB News over the branded campaign, which lobbied the Government to prevent the UK from becoming a cashless society.
The campaign urged viewers to sign a petition calling for new legislation to protect the status of cash as legal tender and as a widely accepted means of payment until at least 2050" (Daily Telegraph)

COMMENT: This attack on free speech is a demonstration how the will of citizens is undermined by the undemocratic rule of factions, lobbies and unelected officials.  All 'Free Countries' operate tight controls over the Television Channels arguing that they have to promote unbiased programming. But by doing so they actually bend the discourse in a direction that is favorable to the interests of those ruling over us and stifle the full and open debate of issues that concern the Citizens.

SOLUTION: Introduce Direct Democracy on all levels of Government


13 December 2023

Migrants who crossed Channel in boats claim damages for ‘unlawful’ treatment

The migrants have complained about “unlawful” searches, mobile phone seizures and “data extraction”, “non-return” of “items”, or possessions being returned “damaged”, Mr Justice Nicklin was told on Tuesday. (PA Media)

23 August 2023

You will be able to repeal undemocratic laws and regulations!

 All too often the silent majority just shrugs the shoulders and accepts that laws are imposed that they do not agree with. But what most people, including media and other commentators, overlook is the simple fact that in a system of Direct Democracy it will be as easy to launch a campaign to repeal such laws as it was to impose them. 

Of course there will have to be safeguards and one can expect that the number of vexious or outright bad laws that are making it through the legislative process will be much diminished as public opposition can no longer be disregarded.

Sham Consultations no substitute for Direct Democracy

 From Ulez to pylons, ‘consultations’ are being used to quash opposition (PayWall)

18 May 2023

Boris Johnson moves into $3.8 million mansion

 Politics can be a very profitable business

20 November 2022

Superrich Bloomberg apologises for Boris Johnson calling China autocratic

It shows that when money talks principles can quickly be thrown overboard. So only allowing citizens the ultimate say will safeguard them.

Michael Bloomberg apologises for Boris Johnson speech criticising China

19 May 2022

 "The government seems to have only two guiding principles: setting political traps for its opponents, and extending the power of the executive." (Camilla Cavendish, FT 19 May 2022)

A strong dose of mandatory Direct Democracy would avoid a lot of this behavior!

18 May 2022

 Politicians are focused in scoring points and deflecting blame ahead of the next election

11 May 2022

Pointless Laws - only Direct Democracy can reduce this Avalanche

 "Politics has become a dismal race to pass as many pointless laws as possible" (Philip Johnston, Daily Telegraph)

Given the avalanche of laws and regulations produced in the UK but also in all other countries, and including the EU, there is a need to introduce Direct Democracy as a safety valve and filter.