18 May 2016

Zombie Governments - how to end the agony

Time and again a government has either lost its way or lost the confidence of the electorate. While sometimes a no-confidence vote in parliament can end the agony and prevent a zombie government from sitting out its term in office a more decisive way to take it out of its misery is called for. The citizens should be able to start a recall procedure if a qualified number of citizens support such a move. In a Direct Democracy such a crisis would be much less likely as citizens would have the ultimate say on all legislation. This would prevent that any government could deviate too far from the wishes of the majority.

Celebrity Politics due to lack of proper Democracy

When the likes of Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Bono and Bob Geldof can get prominent media exposure and access to political shakers and movers it is only due to the fact that democratic practice is dysfunctional. Neither they nor our politicians really do have a democratic mandate for the policies they support. Being detached from the electorate they form a closed society of cronies that mutually support each other. Politicians gain from being associated with supposedly glamorous 'artists' that the media fawn over while the 'celebrities' can boost their brand value. Has-beens such as Bill Clinton or Tony Blair later on effortlessly move from one side to the other and cash in on their prominence.

15 May 2016

Merkel says Brexit Referendum 'Unnessary Risk'

From the Viewpoint of a traditional Top-Down political Operator she may well have a point. Anytime the citizens have a direct say in political decisions there is a 'risk' that the manipulations of party machines will be stopped dead in their tracks.

Party Cronies rule our Lives

In Austria the Chancellor is replaced at the drop of a hat. Party hacks decide he is no longer useful to keep them in power and he must go. In comes a political novice, never stood in an election, has zero mandate to rule as helpless citizens watch in disbelief.
In Italy a young politician close to the Prime Minister is allowed to manipulate the decades-old constitution. Main purpose to provide a safe and comfortable life for the ruling parties. At least there will have to be a referendum on the changes - but is it not all-too-easy to get the desired result? Is the required Quorum demanding enough (two thirds in favour, with at least 50 percent of those eligible to vote turning up? regional preferences catered for?)