27 July 2021

Where is the Mandate from the 'Civil Society'?

Another 'Global Forum' that claims to speak for you and me. The buzzword of the 'Civil Society' is easily used by unrepresentative Elites, Experts and Lobbyists to create a smokescreen for their aims. The mythical Civil Society can only be the collective will of the citizens, expressed in a majority vote on the specific issues and by elections that safeguard minorities and fundamental rights set down in the Constitution.

Who gives the Global Internet Forum power over our lives?

2 July 2021

Has anybody asked for your consent?

End of Cash, Higher Carbon taxes, Global Tax harmonisation....With Direct Democracy you the Citizen would have the ultimate say on these issues.

1 July 2021

Who is running our Countries?

The unrepresentative World Economic Forum or the citizens? And please - spare us the royal 'We', the WEF is just another lobby and represents nobody but those working for it or supporting it. Therefore all these 'needs' must be subject to the ultimate say of the voters, not the governments that are all too often closely aligned with these lobbies that pose as think tanks and claim some sort of moral authority.

Why we need a global framework to regulate harm online