15 June 2013

Protest in Turkey - just another country in need of more direct democracy

References to the supposedly excessive power that Prime Minister Erdogan - who is in office for ten years - has are a constant in all reports about the current disturbances in Istanbul. Just another example that the power of any individual, or party, needs to be checked by giving the citizens the ultimate say in all decisions made by government officials and bureaucrats.

EU bureaucrats negotiate in secret

Direct Democracy would prevent the ability of EU bureaucrats to negotiate in secret. How many citizens have ever heard of Directive 1049/2001? I would guess they would all fit into quite a small room.

14 June 2013

German Court Judgement on Euro Rescue - End of Democracy?

Gunnar Beck sees Democracy in Europe under attack - but all this reasoning will achieve little if citizens are not willing to support our call for comprehensive Direct Democracy in the member states and in the EU.

No one needs to 'trust' politicians

One says, trust is good, control is better. This comes to mind when reading headlines such as this one (Almost no one trusts Congress, Gallup Poll). In a system of Direct Democracy the citizens have the ultimate say on all issues. Corrupt or incompetent politicians find it much more difficult to manipulate legislation or the administration of laws to the disadvantage of the taxpayer.