23 March 2017

Money has too much influence in Politics

The USA are an extreme illustration for the undue influence the Rich can have by deploying her money. The borderline between lobbying and bribery is a narrow one. Direct Democracy as a useful antidote - not 100 per cent perfect either but better than the present morass.

If It's Easy to Reach Lawmakers, They'll Ignore You

One more reason to support Direct Democracy!

If It's Easy to Reach Lawmakers, They'll Ignore You

France's Macron seen winning presidential vote: poll

Perversion of Democracy - completely unknown to nearly all voters is planted in an office where he cannot be removed for five long years! The Romans elected their Consuls for ONE year, - and made sure that there were always two in office in case one got too overbearing. Today communication is nearly instant and any politician should be able to make sure his agenda and ideas are implemented within one year. If he cannot do that he is not worth being in office or the ideas are simply not accepted by the citizens.
France's Macron seen winning presidential vote: poll

22 March 2017

Unelected, Unaccountable lobbies disguised as 'Think Tanks', 'Institutes'

A particularly virulent form of lobby gets disproportionate attention in the USA political scene. As the ordinary voter is basically disenfranchised and cut off from formulation of politics (forget the crude and blunt instruments that are supposed to be 'democratic' elections) the Politocracy and the hangers-on among the Media are free to cook up crazy and irresponsible policies such as the Iraq war, inciting 'rebellion' in Syria (thank you CIA, another wonderful mess).
The Kagans Are Back; Wars To Follow | Zero Hedge

Illusion of Wealth for All

Headines such as this one peddle false promises - just making one mental shift gets you nearer to becoming a billionaire? But the fact is they just play the rules of the capitalist system better than most. But only a tiny number of people can achieve extreme wealth, by definition. But people are giving the illusion that everyone can climb to the top of the greasy pole.

Supreme Court Appointments - USA

Does it make sense to give life-time appointments to Judges? To keep them independent it would be enough to appoint them for a 10 year term, not renewable so there is no posturing to get re-appointed.
The Real Reason to Watch the Gorsuch Hearings

21 March 2017

U.S. Bans Electronic Devices On Airlines From Muslim Countries

Particulary stupid policy - what if the 'bad people' (Trumpkin) just book a flight from Europe?
U.S. Bans Electronic Devices On Airlines From Muslim Countries

18 March 2017

Pick and Choose Democracy needs Direct Democracy

We live in a time where people want to have a chance to vote on issues they care about, not be in a straightjacket of party systems where promises that are made at election time are routinely broken.

15 March 2017

ELECTION SYSTEMS: Cutting the Gordian Knot

Another neat little discussion of different election systems. There is no best solution but a system of Direct Democracy gives voters to most comprehensive opportunity to express their preferences - on an issue-by-issue basis.
How we choose determines who we choose

Brexit, Scotex - unprincipled Pseudo-Democracy

Lack of clear constitutional principles plays a significant part in the confusion and frustration created by the discussion about Brexit and Scottish Independence. In a proper set-up there would be clear rules as to the circumstances of holding a referendum. There should be the requirement of a significant quorum as well as a clearly-defined process that requires a meaningful support for holding a vote on an issue. above all the holding of a referendum should not be in the gift of the sitting government - this would open the way for abusing any debate for demagoguery.
Queen to give Brexit Bill approval as Nicola Sturgeon 'fails to promise Scotland would remain in the EU after independence'

13 March 2017

Nicola Sturgeon calls for 2nd Scottish referendum

We are all for the use of referendums on all levels of government, but there have to be clear rules. Politicians should not be the ones to decide when a referendum is graciously 'conceded' to the citizens. That way is abuse and demagoguery.
Nicola Sturgeon calls for 2nd Scottish independence referendum

War on Cash must be halted, Freedom preserved

Crack-pot ideas propagated by Academics (in the pay of taxpayers and protected by 'tenure' that isolates them from the harsh reality of competitive business) and aped by politicians and media commentators need to be fought touth and nail. No new 'regulations' to make our lives 'easier', backdoor legislation without the express approval of a qualified (two thirds?) majority from the citizens should be a non-starter.
The War on Cash Finds Its General. His Name? Rogoff

12 March 2017

European Parliament Censors Its Own Free Speech

European Parliament Censors Its Own Free Speech | Zero Hedge
It has come to a sad state when our 'representatives' (who in reality are just party hacks that are surplus to requirements in their home countries) try to stiffle Free Speech.

Arbitrary Budget decisions have no place in a Democracy

Irrelevant comment, real problem is the arbitrary fashion traditional Politocracy sets tax rates, chops and changes at will. Less legislation is better, change should only happen when a clear majority is in favour.
The real reason the press are so annoyed about Hammond's self-employed National Insurance hike