4 February 2013

Citizens Initiatives - need control by referendum

In the present system of 'Pseudo Democracy' it is easy for vociferous minorities to push legislation into a direction that is in contrast with the interests of the majority of the citizens. Small groups can dominate Twitter or protest on the streets while a complicit media hungry for news gives the impression that a much larger part of the electorate is behind the goals promoted by such groups. Even innocent activities that are a positive contribution towards more and proper Democracy can be abused if not properly designed. Case in point the progress of the European Citizens Initiative that wants to put a 'Right to Water' into legislation. The cause may be perfectly valid - but do we really want this to become a new human right? Only in the EU or on a global basis? Many voters may have their doubts and therefore would want to have a say in the matter. The danger is that just putting this issue up for consideration by the EU authorities put the matter on the same level as issues promoted by any Lobby. Legislators are prone to put minority interests on the agenda even if they are against the majority interest as they are desperate to collect any and all votes in order to climb above the magical 50% approval rating at the next election.

American Democracy - Unfit for the Purpose?

This brief look at the state of US Democracy gives a sobering insight into the sorry condition that democracy has been turned into by the flawed electoral process in that country. A strong dose of Direct Democracy at all levels of government and decision making would go a long way towards neutralising the nefarious effect that money and influence-peddling has on legislation