21 June 2018

Why does the USA get away with blackmailing the rest of the World?

Answer: lacklustre politicians that do not have the interests of their citizens at heart. They don't want to rock the boat or are at worst clueless, if not stupid. Stopping the US from applying their 'laws' ex-territorially would be easy - all one would have to do is hit the US hard where it hurts, its banks, Internet and media oligopolies. One would be surprised how fast this boycott spook would be over. A system of Direct Democracy would not allow the ruling political caste to get away so easily.

20 June 2018

EU Axis of big spenders - how democratic is that?

All very well to see two leaders with threadbare democratic legitimacy agreeing on another plot to spend other people's money. And the other EU members just watch on the sidelines? not even mentioning the 'citizens' that nobody asks in this undemocratic construct. No wonder Merkel and Macron can have a good laugh if they can get away with this.

angela-merkel-emmanuel-macron-bridge-differences-on-eu-reform-france-germany/ (Politico)

19 June 2018

Free Speech? - if you are a Billionaire!

Does the new owner of the Los Angeles Times really think it is going to make him even richer? Maybe yes, maybe no, but the sale demonstrates that major media platforms are firmly in the hands of the Oligarchy of the Super Rich or some faceless corporate conglomerates that peddle news the same way they sell toothpaste. Any reform of democracy has to include a reform of media ownership.


Concerned about Democracy?

Then what do you make of these two headlines?


Linking legislation in this manner is blatant manipulation, should also be subject to full scrutiny by citizens


Cosy special deals on an arbitrary basis usually is the trademark of dictatorships. All communication of politicians with outside parties, esp lobbies, should be published in full. Not just the list of appointments.