24 July 2020

Who needs this Parliament?

Six weeks holidays for UK Parliament, at a moment when the Wuhan crisis does not give any indication of subsiding and many businesses are at the limit of their endurance. To make matters worse we have not heard of ONE MP or Minister who has offered to reduce his compensation as a sign of solidarity. Online meetings make an expensive building with numerous support staff an anachronism in any case.
Reckless MP's abandon the sinking ship Great Britain

18 May 2020

Unelected EU Politician wants more Power?

No surprise, the ordinary citizen has no say, professional politicians and their bureaucrats want everexpanding powers and competences - in order 'to help you'.
Crisis in Europe: von der Leyen’s audacious bid for new powers

Medinda Gates on ending Wuhan Virus Lockdown

Maybe she has a valid point - but without ordinary citizens having a direct say in decisions the political debate is giving too much importance to high profile celebrities from business, entertainment of sport.