23 April 2014

Politicians care little about voter's real concerns

When a US Senator gets involved in the current dispute between Russia and the Ukraine it just delivers another example about the disconnect between the political class and the ordinary citizens. The majority of Americans seem to have little idea where Ukraine is located on a map, and in all likelihood they could not care less what happens in this country. They will have little or no understanding of the intricate history of this region of the world - nor should they. So one has to wonder why a Senator with hardly any real life experience - most of his time so far was spent on the public payroll - who is supposed to represent the citizens of Connecticut - is warmongering in Kiev. Putting US troops right in front of the nose of Russia is akin to Russia trying to install missiles in Cuba in 1962. We all know what that led too. But I am sure the good Senator will get some cheap headlines from the fawning and compliant media back home.

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