20 April 2014

Dangerous games played by Washington

The growing dependence by the USA on the use of sanctions as a soft weapon throws up this crucial question: Is the use of sanctions not a form of warfare and can they be applied to a country such as Russia that only a few years ago had the status of a Superpower and is still a nuclear power with considerable conventional forces?
The historical background to the current events in the Ukraine cannot be painted in black and white as the simplistic storyline would have us believe. And the accusation of hypocrisy is a valid one when one considers the unilateral action taken by the USA and its vassals in Iraq and Afghanistan.
That a revolt in Kiev that led to the ouster of the elected President is seen as legitimate while a simmering revolt in the East of the Ukraine is supposed to be illegal creates additional doubt in the honesty of the self-proclaimed speakers of the 'West'.
Supporting the use of sanctions could create a dangerous backlash by Russia that may not be limited to an exchange of angry words but could escalate to a military confrontation.
As usual the citizens of the countries involved are helpless bystanders - but was that not the case throughout history when the 'Elites' played their games on the World Stage?

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