11 February 2011

EU - did anyone ask you for your opinion about these issues?

Duplication of Parliament seats costs Euro 180 Million per year
MEPs not required to disclose details on their allowance of £91,000 a year tax-free expenses
 EU watchdogs find errors in 90% of Brussels budget
Hungarian company paid more than £3200,000 by EU to build new facilities for dogs
 Tyrolian farmers paid £14,000 to "increase their emotional connection with the landscapes they cultivate"
France and Germany spend Euro 400 million a year on Arte TV despite declining viewer numbers
Structural Funds spend Euro 50 billion a year
 Gipsies entitled to share of Euro 17.5 billion of structural funds destined for 'vulnerable' groups
 MEPs to get 736 more 'researchers' at a cost of £16,600 each to deal with External Affairs questions
 £163 million for schooling children of Eurocrats
 EU wants to spend 6 per cent more next year
 24 Million Euro subsidy for Hotel construction in Lanzarote
 European Council members must put interest of the Union above those of their own countries (Lisbon Treaty, Article 9)
 EU prepares expanded sanctions against Iran
 MEP wants tax on carbon-intensive products
 EU wants introduction of body scanners on Airports
US to get access to customer bank accounts
 'Only' 300 new diplomats for EU Embassies
 EU plans green taxes to cut debt
 104 lobby firms go in and out of EU ParliamentGreece gifted Euro 6.3 billion in 2008
8000 bureaucrats for 130 EU embassies
EU wants proceeds of financial transaction tax for itself
 EU permits planting of genetically modified potato
 EU wants to attract more refugees
EU Parliament costs Euro 1.5 Billion annually
EU wants to attract more refugees
EU Parliament costs Euro 1.5 Billion annually
Monster Trucks up to 60 tons may be allowed
 One in three MEPs employs a family member

Spendthrift countries bailed out by taxpayers in thrifty countries
Airlines compelled to use renewable energy
 Unrestrained immigration into Italy
Excise taxes on Tobacco to rise again
 EU wants to store airline passenger data
500 Million Euro for Kosovo
Non-Eu troops stationed in Europe
Ireland to vote again on Lisbon Treaty
'Green' plans could put £300 on prices of new cars
Tobacco-style health warnings on all car advertisements
New passports must include fingerprints from 2009
Air passenger information exchange with USA
 EU control of climate strategy of member states
Free speech outlawed by EU bureaucrats
Fundamental Human Rights Agency opens in Vienna
Model History textbook planned
 EU Officials vote to cut emissions
 Euro-constitution is sneaking in by the back door

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