20 September 2017

Unaccountable Plutocrats hijack Democracy

Not sure why billionaires want to congregate and 'discuss' the problems that they - the Establishment - have created in the first place. Direct Democracy would go a long way to limit their influence. Media that is controlled by a few rich individuals should be brought under stringent anti-trust control.
As the Clintons Step Back From Global Stage, Bloomberg Steps Up

17 September 2017

Constitution in time of Plutocrats and Celebrity Politics

Direct Democracy would help to alleviate the worst problems associated with growing Inequality and the Celebrity culture (promoted by the very few plutocrats who control our media). More rigorous control of terms, dispersing power away from single individuals (see Ancient Rome with two Consuls, or Switzerland with a collegium of ministers instead of a President) would be additional safeguards.
New York Times: Our Constitution wasn't built for this

29 August 2017

London Job losses? Trickling rather than bleeding!

One always had to wonder why Deutsche Bank needs 9000 people in London, or HSBC needs 43000 in the UK. Was that not always padded by quite a bit or over staffing? Given the arrival of Fintech and the plummeting cost of communicating with low-cost centres there was always the prospect of job diversion, especially in support roles. Globalization also means that other centres such as Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai etc would grow in stature and staff would be relocated closer to customers and markets.

In the opposite direction there are forces that might in the long run strengthen the role as hub and nerve centre coordinating and directing the regional centres. Higher Value-added roles might well be concentrated in the UK - if politics and regulation are creating a business-friendly environment.


27 August 2017

Macron Spent $30,000 On Makeup In Three Months

Marie Antoinette would be so proud of him! Why do our Pseudo-Democracies give so much power to single politicians, be they called Merkel, Macron, May or Trump? The Ancient Romans or the Venetian Republic had more sense, as has present-day Switzerland

Macron Spent $30,000 On Makeup In Three Months

23 August 2017

Dirdem will also defend Consumers

The pathetic message below has recently been displayed on the Yahoo website. There is a massive lack of protection for the Consumer interests. Establishment politics does not enact proper privacy laws and there is no way that consumers as a group can influence such terms and conditions. Dirdem will campaign on both levels to change this.

Yahoo is now part of ‘Oath’ and a member of the Verizon family of companies. As of 15 September 2017, we plan to share some user information within our new family

21 August 2017

Re-invigorate and strengthen Democracy

All we need it give Direct Democracy a chance! Trust people not politicians that are on ego trips!

Ray Dalio, the founder of the world's largest hedge fund, is worried that democracy is being threatened

Thousands Sign Petition to Replace Confederate Monument with Statue of Rapper Missy Elliott

Unfettered Direct Democracy leads to absurd results. That's why any referendum has to be subject to strict rules of conduct, meaningful quorum, approptiate time for debate.

Thousands Sign Petition to Replace Confederate Monument with Statue of Rapper Missy Elliott

20 August 2017

Direct Democray will hold Lobbies at bay

Plutocrats control the Government in the United States, separation of powers goes not far enough, the history since independence is scandal-ridden despite the near-religious status of the Constitution. Direct Democracy on all levels, esp the top, will improve matters.

1 August 2017

Sham 'Consultations' no substitute for Democracy

Governments love to prove their democratic credentials by holding 'consultations' on any legislative project. But usually the general public - apart from the off activists or self-interested lobbies - is blissfully ignorant of these exercises. And no one is any the wiser or aware what impact his or her input really had.
Just take a look at this EU-inspired consultation and try to monitor what effect - if any - it had.

30 July 2017

How 'Leaders' should NOT be anointed!

Passing the baton to the next politician - or the brother, even worse - should not happen in a proper democracy. Only elaborate and clearly defined routines - see Papacy, Venice or Ancient Rome for examples - should be in place to avoid any undue accumulation of power. Putin, Erdogan, the Bush or Trudeau familes would hate it, good so!