8 July 2018

Even small issues matter

To most readers this may appear to be a trivial matter. But it illustrates why ordinary citizens feel overwhelmed by more and more restrictions that are decreed by a pseudo-democratic political establishment.
Some political honcho decides to "introduce" new legislation/decrees etc. A few applaud the measure - there will ALWAYS be some lobbies and media that will support any hare-brained idea, or at least give them free publicity.
Naturally more paper pushers need to be employed, they can exert power without being elected and at the same time being unsupervised.
That the "accuser" stays unnamed is part of the neo-fascist system that takes more and more after a modern version of the Inquisition.
Under a system of Direct Democracy measures such as these would be subject to a referendum if enough members of the silent majority - you and me - support one.
"There plans to give Commons researchers and secretaries extra protection from sexual harassment.A new harassment policy would create a body with powers to probe serious cases and could even lead to MPs being sacked. Under the proposals an investigation will be launched if alleged victims bring rape and sexual assault claims at Westminster — even if they do not report an incident to police".

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