24 June 2017

Brexit Lies - Made in Germany

When Schaeuble claims that British voters were lied to about Brexit one can only say: He and his cronies in the EU - and the Eurocracy in particular - to their utmost to torpedo a smooth Exit from the EU. Unfortunately the Political Class in the UK lacks a decisive politician, a la Churchill or De Gaulle, and allow Barnier & Co to play their silly games. Should have just quit in June 2016 and start negotiations with a clean sheet of paper. No agreement on air transport? Well after a few days, maybe weeks of turmoil that would have been sorted out. Does ANYONE really think that no agreement would have been thrashed out? Better to handle one problem at a time - one just has to copy agreements that have been made between EU and any number of other states that have transport links!
Who lies- Schaeuble or Brexit supporters?

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