25 January 2013

Dirdem reduces inter-societal conflicts

Democracy as practised at the moment in most countries can easily lead to the dictatorship of a (often) tiny majority. In many cases it is actually a minority as the perverse effect of poorly-designed election systems can put governments in place that have only a small fraction of the electorate behind them.Lobbies can also have a disproportionate influence as parties fight for every last voting bloc - however small - just to make it over the 50pct finishing lines. So our proposal to introduce Direct Democracy will include measures to protect the majority as well as the minorities. By requiring that major policy decisions have the backing of at least two thirds of the electorate and are also backed by the majority of regions/provinces the voting process will result in an outcome that avoids benefiting small groups at the expense of the whole of society. For example, politicians will be less able to pander to the interests of the old/young or favour certain regions at the expense of other areas.

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